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Blue Tongue Lizard Pet Care

Blue Tongue Lizard Shedding / Sloughing

Blue Tongue Skink Shedding

Blue Tongue Skinks shed their skin as they grow. Young blue tongues can shed their skin more often then adult blue tongue lizards. Your blue tongue will require rocks and logs to rub against to remove the skin and requires little outside interference.

You will know that your pet reptile is about to shed when the colour of its skin becomes very dry and dull. After the shedding is over, you will be surprised by the freshness and richness of the reptile’s smooth skin.

Shedding is also called Sloughing

Blue Tongue Lizard Diet

Blue Tongue Pet Diet

Blue Tongues in captivity enjoy a wide range of food

  • Fruit - Banana, Rockmelon, Watermelon, Strawberries
  • Mushrooms
  • Soft Boiled Egg
  • Raw Meat (Chicken/Beef)
  • Snails - make sure no snail baits are being used
  • Commercial Reptile Food such as Repashy

Blue Tongue lizards housed outside will hibernate during the colder months and will barely eat during those times

Blue Tongue Skink Enclosures

Blue Tongue Lizards are active during the day and spend considerable time basking and foraging for food. Whether you have an indoor or outdoor enclosure, some logs and ledges are ideal for when they are basking.

Make sure you have plenty of hidey holes such as logs, mulch, bark or upside down garden pots.